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Meet Jessica Wentzel, the Foundation’s Webmaster

Jessica and family exploring Yosemite by bike

Name: Jessica Wentzel

Current role on the Foundation Board: Webmaster

Children: Lilah Pereira, 5th grade

Profession: Art Director at the San Diego Reader newspaper, and Reader Digital Agency

Jessica in elementary school

Hobbies: Hiking around PQ with Jagger (my dog), Discovering new music and going to concerts (more so pre-covid, excited to get back to it)

Favorite Food: Anything chocolate or coffee-flavored

Favorite place to travel: Idyllwild, CA

Best part about volunteering at the school? Feeling more connected to the community and meeting new people.

Where were you born? San Jose, CA

Fun Fact: Although I’ve walked all around our neighborhood and explored most of the trails nearby, I've never actually been to the top of Black Mountain, who wants to plan a hike?

The Foundation is looking for a new Webmaster. Jessica and her daughter are moving on to Black Mountain Middle School next year. Are you interested in filling the Webmaster role for the 2022-2023 school year? Please contact the Foundation!