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Budget & Funding

The Foundation’s fundraising goal for the 2023/24 school year is $125,000.  Our organization is committed to fund over $80,000 in annual expenses each year, including teacher salaries, health & safety supplies, classroom supplies, recess and P.E. equipment, infrastructure upgrades and more!  With over 600 students this year, the need for donations is essential for our students’ success.

Image by Kelli Tungay

Your Donation Matters

Help Keep Adobe Bluffs a School of Excellence!

2022/23 School Year Funding Initiatives


The Foundation raised close to $120,000 through fundraising & donors.


Funded $7,500 for new audio equipment for school wide events.


Over $6,500 in outdoor learning resources and Makerspace STEM carts.


It approved over $65,000 in teacher salaries (our largest annual investment).


Over $800 in health office supplies and CPR training.


$12,000 for classroom supplies for the new 2023/24 school year.


Funded over $5,000 in classroom supplies, P.E. & Recess equipment.


$1,200 for new signage on the front of school for the new mascot: Go Ravens!


$500 for portable AC Units for our school break-out classrooms

What is an Impact Teacher?

The Foundation funds two credentialed IMPACT Teachers who help in key areas of learning, including math, reading, and writing. Our Organization is proud to fully fund the hiring of these teachers to help all of our students and teachers.

Substitute teacher working at desk

Current Projects at ABES

Portable Area Beautification

In July, the Foundation voted and approved $6,000 in funding for the beautification of the portable area of our campus, also known as Raven Valley. The portable area houses six classrooms for the 2023-24 school year.


Playground Beautification

In July, the Foundation approved $10,000 in funding for additional murals for the playground

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