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Funding for Teacher Salaries, STEM, Campus Needs & More

The Adobe Bluffs Foundation Board works hand-in-hand with the school administration and teachers to identify what the biggest needs are each year. Teachers and staff identified the following items as the most pressing needs for our children, and on June 1, 2023, the Foundation board voted to approve $83,000 for the following expenditures:

  • Teacher Salaries (PE, 3rd/4th grade choir, two impact teachers): $71,000

  • 4 portable air conditioning units for impact classrooms and breakout rooms: $1,800

  • 4 STEM carts (2 for upper grades; 2 for lower grades: $6,000

  • 2023/2024 Student red folders: $1,000

  • 5 Outdoor picnic tables (to replace current tables in front of classrooms): $1,800

  • 4 Benches (for inner-quad area): $1,000

  • Health office ice machine: $100

  • Catered teacher lunch: $300

Thanks to your generous contributions and endless participation in Foundation-sponsored activities on campus, we have had a banner fund-raising year and are happy to be able to support some of the most critical needs for the upcoming school year.


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Please remember to write each child's name and teacher in the notes section at check out.

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