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Meet Jennifer Tomlin, 2022-2023 Foundation President

Name: Jennifer Tomlin (or Jenny or Jenn)

Current role on the Foundation Board: Foundation President

Other volunteer roles held at ABES: I have had the opportunity to co-chair the Jog-A-Thon and the ABES Silent Auction over the past four years. I have also chaired Red Ribbon Week and love helping out with the Book Fair and Ability Awareness.

Children: I have two children, Brayden (11) and Carter (8).

Profession: I am a stay at home parent

Hobbies: I love to travel, hike, read and spend quality time with my family

Favorite Food: I love salty food! Chips are my kryptonite.

Favorite place to travel: Too hard to pick.

Best part about volunteering at the school?: I love giving back to our wonderful school staff, students and community! Volunteering helps me to get to know the staff on a personal level, get to know many of the AB students who always bring a smile to my face and to have a better understanding of current obstacles/challenges and on goings at the school.

Where were you born: Walnut Creek, CA

Any special awards or achievements of which you are proud: I received the ABES Volunteer of the Year in 2020.

Best piece of advice you’ve received: When You Put Out Good Energy Into The World, Good Things Come Back To You

Fun Fact: I don’t eat fruit, but don’t tell my kids because I want them to eat it :)


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