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Meet Annie Chung-Min, VP of Marketing

Current Role on the Foundation Board: VP Marketing

Other volunteer roles held at ABES: VP Communication with ABF, LRV for Shank/Lin, LRV for Curry/Xie

Children: Elliana (Grade 4) and Zachary (K)

Profession: Liability Claims Supervisor

Hobbies: Plant mom, planning my food adventure, skin care enthusiast (especially when it comes to sunscreen,) and watching k drama

Favorite Food: Korean and anything seafood

Favorite place to travel: Asia

Best part about volunteering at the school?: Watching the kiddos thrive in the classroom, interacting with other parents, students, teachers and staff

Where were you born?: New York City, NY

Special award: First generation college graduate and being a mom 😍

Best piece of advice you’ve received: it’s okay to fail that’s how we grow and become better

Fun Fact: when I was six I was eating peanuts super fast and I lodged one in my nose and it got stuck for a while. My family still being back this memory very frequently.

That fun fact May be gross so here’s another one: My name was suppose to be Diana but the nurse wrote Annie instead on my birth certificate.

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