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Meet Sharon Russell, Sweetheart Dance Co-Chair

Name: Sharon Russell

Current role on the Foundation Board:

Other volunteer roles held at ABES: Co-Chair BINGO Night, Co-Chair Trivia Night

Children: Megan (6th Grade at BMMS) and Adam (4th Grade at ABES)

Profession: Senior Trade Supervision Analyst at Commonwealth Financial Network

Hobbies: I love to travel, go camping, read and anything sports related from the snow to the ocean and especially the soccer field!

Favorite Food: Mexican Food

Favorite place to travel: Maui, HI

Best part about volunteering at the school?: I love volunteering at the school as it gives me the opportunity to interact with the students, teachers and staff. We have a wonderful community here at ABES and volunteering lets me get in the middle of it!

Where were you born?: San Francisco, CA

Any special awards or achievements of which you are proud?: In high school I got to be one of the kids on the field at a World Cup soccer match. (Brazil vs USA) It was such a cool experience!

Best piece of advice you’ve received: I am the youngest in my family and have four older brothers. Growing up, my Dad always made sure to instill in me that I could do anything they could do or more!

Fun Fact: I’ve broken my arm four times! If you ever wonder where my kids get their adventurous spirit from, it might be me :)