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Meet Mrs. Boyd

Name: Peggy Boyd

Current role at the school: TK AM and K/1/2 Impact PM

Other roles held at ABES: TK, TK/K combo, K, 1, 1&2 combo

Duration at ABES: 2002-2022

Fondest memory(ies) at ABES:

My teaching partner in a shared AM/PM K was having her wedding early 10/04. She came back to school before my late 10/04 wedding, telling her class “Say goodbye to Miss Diemer. When she comes back she will be Mrs. Boyd”

One of her students asked: “Why will she be Mrs. Boy when she is a girl?”

What you love about teaching: The ah-has!

What you love about the school: Families and staff who care about EVERYONE!

Best part about your job? The kids make me laugh and cry each day.

Worst part about your job? I think just not knowing them after this year in a way I have been able to talk to my littles over the years. I will miss not seeing them daily in the halls and just making some connections,

What has changed in the teaching profession over the years?

Too much tech.

I chose personal interactions over Chromebooks

What has changed at ABES over the years? Somehow AB has hired amazing teachers. So that has not changed.

What has surprised you most in your career?

Teachers are resilient and want new and better for kids. I am so happy to have sought updated ideas to make the best environment for kids. I actually was a presenter at the Southern California Kindergarten Conference in Pasadena a few years ago. I reworked the conference presentation to a TLC for PUSD this year. Teachers are eager to learn…

Favorite Foods: Seafood and steak

Favorite place to travel: Home (Ohio) but would love to explore Europe, Hawaii, and New Zealand/Australia

Where were you born? Cleveland, Ohio

Any special awards or achievements of which you are proud?

Reading Recovery Trained Teacher 2000

National Board Certified Teacher, Early Childhood Generalist 2002

Best piece of advice you’ve received: Love and take care of yourself (my Mom)

Best advice for someone who wants to retire some day: Plan on doing something good going forward. No resting on your laurels…

Fun Fact: I blew out my knee chasing after and throwing a water balloon at Tom H at our family parish picnic day. Had my first knee surgery at age 13.

Blew it out again playing “Duck, Duck, Goose” as a camp counselor but was able to delay the second surgery until age 38. Slow down and do not be an aggressive water balloon thrower or DDGer. Just not worth 2 knee surgeries and knee replacement down the line!


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