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Meet Cindy Davis, Valentine’s Dance Co-Chair

Name: Cindy Davis (aka Cynthia Cinnamon)

Current role on the Foundation Board: Valentine’s Dance Co-Chair

Other volunteer roles held at ABES: VP Membership, LRV

Children: Weston (3rd) and Bradley (1st); Nieces: Jana (4th) and Scarlett (2nd)

Cindy's sons with their cousins all AB students/alumni

Profession: Stay at home parent

Hobbies: Yoga, dancing and chillin

Favorite Food: Sushi, Mexican food, and anything with chocolate

Favorite place to travel: Newburyport, Massachusetts to visit family on my husband’s side

Best part about volunteering at the school?: So many things! Being in the halls of an elementary school is the best. There’s so much kindness, love and laughter at AB. Being a part of the school community and meeting other parents, and getting to know the students.

Where were you born?: Arcadia, CA

Cindy in elementary school

Any special awards or achievements of which you are proud?: Surviving summer break with a kid in a cast.

Best piece of advice you’ve received: “Move to the PQ” - my sisters, Michelle and Olivia

Fun Fact: I used to collect trolls. My kids think they’re creepy and now the trolls are part of our Halloween decoration. Also, Harley and I are huge Laker fans.