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Meet Angie Robert, 2022 Foundation President

Name: Angie Robert

Current role on the Foundation Board: President (through the end of June 2022)

Other volunteer roles held at ABES:

Foundation: President, President Elect, VP of Marketing, Jog-a-Thon Chair, Silent Auction Committee, Webmaster, and soon to be Past President

General: Red Ribbon Week Chair, Lead Room Volunteer, Gold Rush Committee

Children: Jayce (4th grade), Joey (2nd grade), Jude (2 years old; entering preschool at ABES in the fall)

Profession: Corporate communications

Hobbies: I’ve been an indoor cycling instructor for 16 years and counting. I love live music (minus country and classical), walks in nature, and hanging with my fam.

Favorite Food: Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food Ice Cream

Favorite place to travel: I don’t care where I go as long as I get to go!

Best part about volunteering at the school?

I like really understanding what my kids are up to at school. When they come home and tell me about their day or a situation that happened, I can actually picture what it was like and have a better feel for the dynamics because I’ve been involved and seen it for myself.

A bonus of volunteering is that I’ve made a lot of friends and met some really great people along the way that I wouldn’t have met otherwise if we weren’t in the trenches slanging pizza or cleaning up messes from big events.

And finally, volunteering at the school also reaffirms for me that my life’s calling was never to be a teacher. When I’m in the school and see how they juggle teaching 25+ kids on top of everything else they manage, I’m in total awe. Mad respect.

Where were you born?

Thousand Oaks, CA

Any special awards or achievements of which you are proud?

I’m pretty damn proud of this year’s Foundation board for raising more money than ever in the school’s history. Thanks to the generosity of the Adobe Bluffs community, together we raised more than $120K this year. All of that money will go back to the school to ensure every student has what they need to get the best possible education. The Adobe Bluffs Foundation Board is truly one of the best teams with which I have ever worked. Everyone is in it to support the school and the kids, and everyone selflessly chips in to help however they can. So inspiring!


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