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Ensuring continuity in substitute teachers

At the January meeting, the Foundation asked Mrs. Peterson how we can make the best use of our funds to support the needs the school has NOW.

We will hire two site-specific subs. This will help:

  • When teachers are out, these subs will step in to teach a class, thus ensuring continuity in substitute teachers (versus one class having 3 different subs in one week)

  • When a sub isn't needed to fill a staff outage, they will fill in with the type of support provided by our current impact teachers

  • With staffing shortages, this significantly helps the classes have continuity and decreases the risk of learning loss

  • These subs would be solely dedicated to ABES, and would not be teaching at other schools

We would bring them on 5 days/week for the remainder of the year. Mrs. Peterson is working on hiring them through the district hiring process. They will start as soon as the process is complete. They will work 5 days/week for the remainder of the year.

Total spend: $28,000


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Please remember to write each child's name and teacher in the notes section at check out.

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