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ABES Foundation Results Recap for the 2021-2022 School Year

Total raised: $124,410.60

Goal was $117K; most raised in school's history!!!

Total ABES Foundation volunteer hours: ~600

Spending Breakdown:

  • Teacher salaries: 17% (music, PE, impact teachers, site specific subs)

  • Campus improvements: 59% (garden, bungalow improvements, outdoor learning space, lunch tables)

  • Tech upgrades: 8% (docucams for all classrooms, conference room, MPR projector)

  • Health & safety: 9% (COVID tests for teachers/staff, health office supplies)

  • Faculty & staff support: 4% (teacher supply stipends)

  • Admin: 2% (printing, website, banners)

  • Yearbook: 1%

Note of appreciation from Julie Lowrie, Kindergarten teacher:

MASSIVE IMPACT indeed! Our Foundation ROCKED this year! There is no way for us to appropriately thank you…just as there is no way to fully comprehend all the behind the scenes work this feat required!
Angie, you and your officers did not let a worldwide pandemic stop you from thinking outside the box. You brought fresh ideas and creativity. ALL Ravens and staff will benefit for years. I, personally, (just to give one example) witnessed incredible growth in 5 young kindergarteners who received Impact services. It got them back on track after a year of virtual learning. How will our Foundation ever know where that ripple effect will lead those children?
Thank you! I’m wishing all of our Foundation members a happy, healthy, restful summer!
Fondly, Julie

Total Families Donated: ~130

Total events: 6

Total event registrations:

  • Family Bingo Night - 47 Online Orders

  • Silent Auction - 106 Online Orders, Silent Auction site 223 bidders

  • Family Photo Sessions - 12 Online Orders

  • Love Fest - 87 Online Orders

  • Be Strong a Thon - 373 students registered

Total website visits: Aug. 1 2021 - May 25, 2022: Site sessions: 4,471 (42%+ YOY) Email: 33 emails sent; Average Opened 423, Average Clicks 33

New innovations/new initiatives:

  • Photo event

  • Blog

  • Bingo Night

  • Love Fest


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Please remember to write each child's name and teacher in the notes section at check out.

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