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October 2022 Meeting Minutes

Adobe Bluffs Educational Foundation Meeting Notes

(10/10/2022 6:00pm-7:15pm Zoom and Seth Camhi’s house)


  • Jenny Tomlin, Angie, Jen Chen, Paloma, Christine, Annie, Erin, Mrs. Peterson, Ms. Sheikh, Mr. Figone, Julie, Megan, Seth, Sheila, Olivia, Cindy, Shannon, Abby, Elyse, Clara, Angel, Razelene

  • September Meeting Minutes Approval – Olivia motioned to approve, Jen C. seconded, all approved

President’s Report (Jenny)

  • Approved funding items:

  • Hopscotch stencil is being purchased. Hopscotch measurements will be done to make hopscotches look similar.

  • CPR Training: approved up to $800 in anticipation of 25 people signing up; only need about $400 for 12 people who signed up.

  • Second Step Program:

  • There were 3 questions on the teachers’ survey, 9 teachers responded, 100% used it on a regular basis and made it a part of their curriculum for close to 200 students.

  • The district decided to fund the program for every school within the school district so the Foundation will not need to use funds for the program.

Principal Report (Mrs. Peterson)

  • No updates

  • Brainstorm any other on campus ideas to add to the Silent Auction

Teacher Report (Ms. Sheikh/Mr. Figone)

  • Ms. Sheikh: Thanks for replenishing the equipment baskets.

  • Teachers who filled out the form were able to get playground equipment.

  • Lots of kids are playing with the new equipment.

  • Follow up was sent to Jenny for a couple of teachers who still need to fill out equipment form.

  • Jenny T: has more playground balls- kick balls, basketballs

  • Mr. Figone: sent out Silent Auction document for teachers. Waiting to hear back and will send out.

Classroom Donation Contest (Christine, Peggy, Erin, Annie)

  • Classroom donation contest (donut party) update:

  • Christine: The last 2 weeks of September donut party contest was a huge success!

  • Top 2 class winners:

  • From K-2nd grade: Mrs. Curry’s class (80% donations)

  • From 3rd-5th grade: Mr. Figone’s class (46% donations)

  • Annie & Erin- great marketing and communication and thanks Jen for pulling up spreadsheets constantly

Small Events- Photoshoot (Shannon)

  • Photo session recap:

  • It was a great success!

  • A total of 16 families participated ($2,000)

  • Each family received multiple digital photos

Be Strong-A-Thon/Jog-A-Thon (Sheila/Seth)

  • Be Strong-A-Thon/Jog-A-Thon update:

  • The Foundation can choose in person or virtual. We can earn 65% or 70%.

  • Jenny T.: On-site Jog-A-Thon vs. virtual Strong-A-Thon:

  • Vote: The Foundation voted for an on-site Jog-A-Thon fundraiser instead of a virtual Be Strong-A-Thon (all approved on 10/10/22).

  • Jog-A-Thon Date:

  • Will be held in the last weeks of March

  • Will be held on a Friday at the end of the day

  • Jenny T.: Potential dates- 3/20-3/31

  • We’ll reconfigure with Mr. Figone and Mrs. Peterson.

Silent Auction (Julie/Megan)

  • Silent Auction update: If volunteered on Sign Up Genius, email Juile/Megan

  • Amazing response this year: received many donations, including generous donations. Thank you, Jenny, for sending out marketing- got a lot of parent response (small business/jewelry donations)

  • Food vendors are being finalized:

  • Baskin Robbins- will do ice cream

  • We will have 2 food vendors.

  • Food will be from 5-5:30pm.

  • Foundation discussed ways to keep children entertained: Legos, kids raffle, art, possible outdoor movie theater screen

  • Stacey Leathersich (voice coach) with her trio: will be singing holiday songs.

  • Need to figure out timing and placement of events

  • Jenny T: Julie/Megan have the kids raffle items already. Target donated $50. Smart and Final donated $250. Erin will help with the kids' raffle.

Parliamentarian/Bylaw (Paloma)

  • Foundation discussed:

  • Tracking of donations (event volunteers, cash donations)

  • Paloma: Addressed Foundation’s financial secretary spreadsheet used for tracking donations

  • Current spreadsheet tracks donations well

  • Foundation suggested and discussed:

  • A campaign for overall Foundation goals for the school year and ways to communicate with families