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August 2022 Meeting Minutes

On September 12, 2022, the Adobe Bluffs Educational Foundation voted to approve the August 2022 meeting minutes. Minutes are as follows:

Adobe Bluffs Educational Foundation Meeting Notes

(08/08/2022 6:00pm-7:06pm Zoom and Jenny Tomlin's house)


  • Jenny Tomlin, Jennifer Chen, Christine, Annie, Mrs. Peterson, Ms. Sheikh, Mr. Figone, Shannon, Julie, Megan, Seth, Sheila, Sharon, Rebecca, Clara, Angel, Elyse, Razelene

  • June Meeting Minutes Approval – Annie motioned to approve, Julie seconded, all approved

President’s Report (Jenny)

  • Welcome and Introductions

  • Virtual funding votes were approved in July for the school year

  • The Foundation will provide: Teacher salaries, professional Zoom, health supplies (Christine motioned to approve, Seth seconded, majority approved 7/22/22):

  • $66,781/year Teacher Salaries: PE, Music, 2 Impact Teachers paid out twice a year with 50% ($33,390) due in October

  • $150/year Professional Zoom: allows 100 participants, 5GB cloud storage

  • $500 Health Supplies: for our school’s Health office to replenish supplies (Health office only receives $100 from the district for the entire school for supplies)

  • $500 Mulch and Weeding: The Foundation will provide school garden improvements (Julie motioned to approve, Sheila seconded, majority approved 7/31/22)

  • A message board was donated by the 5th Grade class: communications and flyers will be placed in front

  • A welcome guide about PTA/Foundation is being created by the PTA/Foundation presidents to help with general questions from families

  • Back to School Night- Tuesday, August 16, 2022- Will love additional volunteers!

  • 8:00-9:00 am TK and Kindergarten Meet & Greet (Angel and Jenny will cover TK/K)

  • Event is for both parents and students.

  • Students will meet in our Kindergarten playground with our noon duty team members while parents are able to focus on learning about our school (125 TK/K parents)

  • 5:30-6:10 pm 1st- 2nd grade Back to School Night in classrooms (parents/guardians only)

  • 6:15-6:55 pm 3rd- 5th grade Back to School Night in classrooms (parents/guardians only)

  • Initial Ask: Angel and Jenny will talk more to Mrs. Peterson regarding details

  • Proceeds from Initial Ask Campaign will help bring in additional funds

  • Christine is working hard on initial asks

  • Christine and Rebecca will design FoundatIon flyer (We have a Mandarin translator)

Principal Report (Mrs. Peterson)

  • A lot of great things are going on campus! Numbers are growing

  • Moving into the bungalows: The Foundation gave a generous donation to revitalize the bungalow areas!

  • Counselor who was 3 days a week, now initialed to 4-5 days a week

  • Entitled to another TOSA (Teacher on Special Assignment):

  • The TOSA is like a Vice Principal role but more of a mentor/teacher liaison support person leader.

  • The new position for Poway TOSA will be half-time and shared with 2 different schools.

  • The half-time TOSA (non-Mandarin) will help whenever the principal is not on campus and work with teachers, PBIS, some discipline calls to parents, with office team, enrollment

  • Ms. Julie Le is currently our full time TOSA, primarily Mandarin TOSA, who also supports the whole school and does everything a lead teacher does.

  • The following have been approved:

  • New carpeting for all the classrooms, backpack cart, hooks along rails, video camera for bungalow site safety, reinforcement of floors, roofing and awning, 5 new teachers on campus (not new to teaching but new to our site)

  • Changed a few procedures for this year:

  • TK/K Orientation Meet and Greet: kids experience the playground while parents meet teachers

  • Teachers will hold Back to School Night on campus a day before school starts (parents only)

  • First day of school: parents are allowed on campus to walk their child to their classroom without checking in, but not on the second day (will have protocols for check-ins on day 2)

  • We will be taking over the Arts attack room: art supplies will be moved Tuesday so the teacher can get settled in

  • Voluntary Donations requested for Teacher supplies for classrooms:

  • Teachers have requested for a more efficient way to ask for donations for classroom supplies.

  • If parents can donate to help create more consistency in goods for what teachers need, it can help alleviate some of the storage issues so teachers aren’t inundated with boxes of the same supplies and they can receive funds to cover other supplies they need.

  • Each teacher will announce to parents whether Venmo, check/cash donations

  • Donations from families are voluntary and not a requirement.

Teacher Report (Mr. Figone/Ms. Sheikh)

  • Moving things in the bungalows

  • Discussed Back to School Night

  • Regarding classroom supply asks: The Foundation asked teachers to keep Foundation/PTA updated to see how they can help make classroom supply asks efficient for all teachers.

Financials/Reserves (Jennifer Chen)

  • A yearly summary of all income is put together from all the fundraising programs completed and all expenses to help file taxes, which provides a snapshot year after year of how we are doing.

  • Total donations (from families, corporate asks, amazon smile)- $47,500: a huge amount compared to previous 2 years; had incomes of $28,000 from just our donor pool

  • Last school year, our goal was $117,000. We had $127,000 in revenue

  • Silent Auction ($21K), Strong-a-Thon/Jog-a-Thon ($40K) were huge last year

  • Small events did well: Bingo $2700, Family Portr