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November 2021 Meeting Minutes

Adobe Bluffs Educational Foundation Meeting Notes

(11/08/2021 6:00pm-7:30pm Zoom and Seth’s house; Email Updates and Communication for 12/2021)

Attendees (11/08/2021):

  • Angie, Olivia, Julie, Cindy, Angela, Michelle, Sharon, Jenn Chen, Christine, Mrs. Li, Mrs. Peterson, Miss Sheikh, Annie, Seth, Arlene, Abby, Brenda, Megan, Jessica, Erin, Yecong (Joy) Li

  • October Meeting Minutes Approval – Jenny motioned to approve, Olivia seconded, all approved

President’s Report (Angie, 11/08/2021)

  • Family photography session: a big success, thank you Annie, Megan, and the volunteers for the photo session. All the raised money went to the Foundation and will be used for the staff and students in ABES.

  • Silent Auction: All hands on deck to support Jenny and Julie.

  • Yearbook discussion will be tabled to December meeting.

Principal Report (Mrs. Peterson, 11/08/2021)

  • Status of hiring:

  • General shortage in staff and teachers for the school district.

  • Hiring of the 2nd impact teacher is in process.

  • Status of water filtration: still waiting for updates.

  • Status of MPR projector: It will be delivered in December.

  • General school update:

  • The staff is making every effort and putting in extra hours to try to make sure the campus is safe for students.

Silent Auction (Jenny and Julie, 11/08/2021)

  • Make sure to ask again if you sent out an email request but haven’t received any reply yet

  • Items are uploaded to website. Feel free to glance through.

  • Bidding will start on 11/29/2021.

  • The deadline for the auction is at 7pm on 12/03/2021.

  • The live event will be via Zoom from 6:30PM to 7:00PM on 12/03/2021.

  • Auction items can still be added. Donations are welcome.

Teacher’s Report (Mrs. Li and Ms. Sheikh, 11/08/2021):

  • Funding ideas for outdoor learning spaces at ABES:

  • Smaller proposal: ordering some permanent fixtures and outdoor furniture directly and place them in area where we see a fit.

  • Larger proposal: outdoor classrooms designed by Kompan. This requires quotes and may take longer. Ms. Sheihk will contact the vendor and find out the price and timeline.

  • The proposal is saved in the link below

  • Thank you, the Foundation, for all you do to support the teachers during this special time.

PTA update (Arlene, 11/08/2021)

  • Dr. Mori Mortimer will speak about the COVID-19 vaccine on 11/18/2021 at 6:30PM via Zoom.

  • Please fill out the survey by 11/11/2021 to help ABES get on the path towards becoming a National PTA School of Excellence

  • Adopt-a-Family will run from 11/15/2021 to 12/07/2021.

Virtual Funding Votes:

  • The foundation will donate $2,500-$3,000 to cover the cost for the end-of-year gift to teachers for classroom supplies. Angela motioned to approve, Jessica seconded, all approved. (12/03/2021)

  • The foundation will donate $2500 to cover the cost for the COVID19 rapid test kits for the teachers and staff in ABES. Angela motioned to approve, Julie seconded, all approved. (01/07/2022, thank you Jenny Tomlin, for bring this idea to the foundation)

Silent Auction Final Financials (Jenny and Julie, 12/07/2021):

  • All bidders have checked out (paid)

  • Final snapshot of financials:

Gross revenue is around $29,000

Total expense is around $2,600

Net Revenue is around $26,400

  • Thank you ALL for making this a successful auction. All of you had a hand and/or touch point on the auction and it is greatly appreciated. It truly takes a village to put on this big of an event and we have a great one within the Foundation and AB community.

  • We will be providing reports from previous years auctions for some data analysis so we can make more educated decisions and seek to improve in areas of this event.

  • Suggestions and Recommendations welcome