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May 2022 Meeting Minutes

Adobe Bluffs Educational Foundation Meeting Notes (05/09/2022 5:30pm-7:00pm Zoom and Angie Robert’s house)


  • Angie, Olivia, Julie, Annie, Cindy, Michelle, Angela, Shannon, Sharon, Jenny Tomlin, Jenn Chen, Christine, Mrs. Peterson, Miss Sheikh, Megan, Jessica, Paloma, Arlene, Yecong (Joy) Li

  • April Meeting Minutes Approval – Jenny T motioned to approve, Michelle seconded, all approved

President’s Report (Angie)

  • Fundraising goal update: we are going to meet and exceed the 10% increase fundraising goal for this school year! Congratulations!

  • End of year gifts: please don’t get me any gifts.

  • Mrs. Boyd’s retirement: ideas: a brick? A profile? A spotlight from the PTA emails? Meeting bench? Anything in the reading corner in the library? Memory box?

  • Yearbook: submitted

  • Bricks: 12ish bricks purchased, and they will be all installed at once by Caroline

Principal and Teacher Report (Mrs. Peterson/Miss Sheikh)

  • Teacher reps for the foundation may change; different teachers rotate for different service roles, 2 reps (from two different grades) for each organization

  • The bungalow project:

  • A lot of the furniture came in as assembled

  • The teachers and the students are using and loving the furniture that’s already moved in

  • The school will need about $700 to pay for moving/assembling the furniture.

  • The remaining $2500 will stay with the foundation.

  • Teachers’ salaries: $66,753 for next school year

  • Music teacher: $1700 for salary, the class will start right after the school starts, and it will be once a week

  • PE teacher will start later in fall

  • Impact Teacher 1 and 2, salaries from January to June need to come from the foundation

  • The foundation will vote during the first meeting in the 2022-2023 school year for fund allocation.

  • The overall enrollment for this year is lower than expected. The immersion program is expanding, and it has a waiting list. Minimum 3 more mandarin immersion classes will be added next year.

Bingo Night (Sharon/Angela)

  • 05/11 is the event day

  • Volunteers (parents and older kids) are welcome. Please sign up in signup genius.

  • DJ: Sharon’s husband and Mr. Luciani

  • Thank you for donating the toys for kids’ raffle (record the income for reporting purpose)

  • The money comes from Kids raffle table needs to be carefully recorded for state regulation purposes.

  • The sponsor for this event is Marston Orthodontics. The banner will be

Financial Snapshot (Jen Chen):

  • Corporate checks and Strong-a-thon checks comes in this month.

  • So far, we are at $119,000 for fundraising, and we have spent $150,000. Current account balance is $68000 with $51000 on reserve for teacher salary. About $3300 is left for the bungalow project.

Bylaws (Paloma):

  • Due to the growth of the school and the organization, the proposal is to form a small committee to discuss the potential changes we should make.

  • The committee will finalize the areas for changing at the beginning of next school year.

PTA Report (Arlene)

  • Book fair is successful!

  • Teacher appreciation week is last week. The teachers enjoyed the activities planned for them.

  • Lego league needs more volunteers. Orlando is leaving.