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December 2022 Meeting Minutes

Adobe Bluffs Educational Foundation Meeting Notes

(12/12/2022 6:00pm-6:19pm Zoom)


  • Jenny Tomlin, Jen Chen, Christine, Erin, Mrs. Peterson, Ms. Sheikh, Mr. Figone, Megan, Seth, Sheila, Cindy, Sharon, Razelene

  • December Meeting Minutes Approval – Jenny motioned to approve, Sharon seconded, all approved

President’s Report (Jenny)

  • New audio system used at Silent Auction

    • Received good positive feedback, especially from Julie Li and Susie Lee who have experience with the old equipment

    • Shout out to Olivia’s husband, Eric, who was able to provide us technology background:

  • Eric worked with the individuals who came up with the equipment, provided the quote, ordered all of the equipment over Thanksgiving, put it all together, continues to order more cables and is going to do the training on all of this for all of us.

  • Training for staff will be held Wednesday after school (about 1-1.5 hours)

  • $3,000 Gift Cards for Teachers and Staff:

    • In past years, we have provided gift cards to teachers and staff members around this time as a way to say thank you and provide replenishment for supplies for teachers that are starting to get low again, instead of reaching out to parents or using their own funds.

    • Virtual Vote- $100 per AB staff member or teacher (about 30 people)- would like to approve $3,000 to be set aside

  • Jenny motioned to approve, Megan seconded, All approved (12/12/2022)

  • The Foundation will provide a total of $3,000 for gift cards for teachers and staff

  • Per Jenny, best way to get gift cards to teachers (email vs actual gift cards) to be determined

  • $500 Recess Enrichment Program:

    • Sunday's email blast yesterday gave an opportunity to provide funds for recess enrichment, a perfect expense for all students.

    • Spoke with another Foundation President at Turtleback Elementary- On Tuesdays and Thursdays, they have a previous teacher come on site to do enrichment programs for those students who don’t want to do sports or be in a competitive environment.

    • Virtual Vote- Recess Enrichment Program- We have been asked to start with $500 seed money.

  • Jenny motioned to approve, Seth seconded, All approved (12/12/2022)

  • The Foundation will provide $500 as a start for Recess Enrichment Program for students.

  • Jenny will let Mrs. LeMaster and Ms. Simuong know to work on their Amazon wish lists to get that started. Angie will be updated on approvals to send out blog post.

  • PTA Updates:

    • Jenny attended PTA meeting last Thursday: a lot going on with PTA

    • Overlap with scheduled events at the end of March:

  • Jog-A-Thon: Monday, March 20th kickoff. Actual Jog-A-Thon: Thursday, March 30th (Thursday Sing will be held, students will start running right after)

  • Talent Show: PTA wants Talent Show- Friday, March 24th

  • Ability Awareness: the 1st week of April- will be a full week (not just one day)

  • A lot of events for students to be out of the classroom. Involves a lot of communication that requires a lot of marketing.

  • Jenny is working with Sheila and Jog-A-Thon vendor; Jenny is also working with Stacy on the Talent Show to see what flexibility we have. Work is in progress. Status updates will be provided.

Principal Report (Mrs. Peterson)

  • Silent Auction: Thank you. A lot of teachers were really excited to experience the Silent Auction.

  • Teachers wanted to know more about our Foundation:

    • Ms. Sheikh and Mr. Figone send out a blurb to teachers.

    • Teachers were asking if the notes and agenda can be sent out, so they are up to speed on what the Foundation does.

  • Jenny- We are transparent. Ms. Sheikh and Mr. Figone are welcome to share our meeting notes with teachers anytime and are always welcome to forward the emails we send where people are invited to our meetings.

  • Emails always include links to the meeting notes. Razelene does a super good job, notes are super detailed, and they give a pretty good picture.

  • Teacher Staff Pro Growth Day- Jenny and Angel are always happy to come back and give a recap of the PTA and Foundation if needed; can go over the difference from the PTA and the Foundation and where we are at for the year.

  • Mrs. Peterson- Wonderful. All are super busy trying to lock in dates. Teachers were informed we will give information as best we can ahead of time.

  • Calendar of Events:

    • Jenny: March and April are busy months.

    • Jenny and Angel are in the process of finalizing a couple of items and will share the PTA and Foundation calendar with all staff.

  • Mrs. Peterson: We are aware there will be some changes. Thank you everyone. Thank you, Foundation.

Teacher Report (Ms. Sheikh/Mr. Figone)

  • Ms. Sheikh: No updates

  • Ms. Sheikh received email with link regarding info about Silent Auction Winners:

    • Jenny: Silent Auction Winners for teacher time link- to be sent out to all teachers

  • Teacher time is normally held the end of January or early February

  • Foundation purchased picnic tables- teachers can use picnic tables or eat in the classroom and bring picnic blankets. Location on campus for teacher time is flexible- up to teachers to decide.

  • Foundation will be in charge of bringing pizza, drinks and dessert

  • Ms. Sheikh will send out the link with info to arrange dates for teacher times.

Financials/Reserves (Jen Chen)

  • After the huge success of the Silent Auction, we have $65,000 total in all our accounts, enough to cover our funds on reserve from previous votes.

    • $42,000 has already been set aside for the other half of teachers’ salaries, for health office supplies, and CPR training (already previously approved).

    • Also enough to cover our savings reserve that we like to have in our bank account.

    • After all that has been taken out, we’ll have $15,400 to spend on additional needs.

    • Juile/Megan/Jenny- to discuss details of Silent Auction

  • Overall income for November- almost $27,000

    • Includes $1,000 in donations, $3,000 in corporate match funds, and remainder from the Silent Auction.

    • Main expenditure was the audio equipment that was purchased (almost $7,800 total).

Silent Auction (Julie/Megan)

  • Megan: Thank you all! It was a complete success. Thank you to all of you- teachers, our Foundation, everybody that helped out.

  • We raised over $22,000.

  • Jenny: It was a great event. Loved the addition of the live singers. Food vendors did a great job. It was nice having the rental lights out there this year (will definitely do that again next year).

  • Thank you all for your help! There was a huge turnout for our teachers and AB staff. Thank you teachers for donating your valuable time.

  • If anyone has any feedback, email Jenny.

Next meeting: Monday, January 9th

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