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Meet Paloma Ramirez Bronaugh, Parliamentarian

Name: Paloma Ramirez Bronaugh

Current role on the Foundation Board: Parliamentarian

Other volunteer roles held at ABES: previously was the Financial Secretary for the ABES Foundation

Children: Sofia Bronaugh - freshman in college; Mikey Bronaugh - 5th grade; Leo Bronaugh - 3rd Grade

Profession: Attorney and Construction Defects Claims Manager

Hobbies: shuttling kids around town, being a short order cook … just kidding… Netflix obsession, reading, hanging out with friends at kids sporting events!

Favorite Food: Bahn Mi (yum!)

Favorite place to travel: Del Mar (I mean we do live in the lap of luxury!) also Catalina Island

Best part about volunteering at the school?: It’s so much fun seeing these the kids getting older and growing in personality and size. It is also amazing having the opportunity to get to know the awesome ABES teachers and staff. Topping it off has to be creating such a great network of friends and fellow parents (It’s takes a village!)

Where were you born?: Fresno, CA

Any special awards or achievements of which you are proud?: Named the “cool mom” by some awesome teens.

Best piece of advice you’ve received: “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Life is made up of so many little moments…some sweet, some challenging… but all wonderful little pieces of what makes our lives so enriched. Find perspective in all you do.

Fun Fact: I used to perform Mexican Folkloric dance when I was in college and after (I even got to dance for President Bill Clinton!) Go Bruins!


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